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Banned for playing aggressivelyMercredi, 30 avril 2014

Cleaning up the online poker ecosystem is no easy task and every room tries different ways to attain it. Of course, every room has a lot to gain from keeping its recreational players happy, in an environment that keeps them away from the regulars. The Equity Poker network seems to have pushed this a tad too far with a controversial strategy, as they have banished a few players for using a strategy that is "too aggressive". Yes, you have read right: winning could get you banished on Equity Poker!

The decision seems to come from the shark tax put in place on the network that penalizes rooms that create an unreasonable disproportion of winning to recreational players. Poker Host, freshly arrived on the network, coming from Merge Network thus had to banish some players, as requested by its new network. After only a thousand hands played, some players have had their accounts closed. A player nicknamed Bazuko shared the email he received on the 2+2 forum:

At this time your Poker Host has been closed, since our network has come to this decision after checking your table activity and have notice your aggressive play within the network, they have done a serious of background checks in order to come to this conclusion, at this time since we are in a small but growing poker network we cannot afford your aggressive behavior , we are now in a network the focuses on having recreational poker players and you do not meet this criteria, we thank you for your business at Poker Host, but at this time we will restricted your account, and the we will proceed with the normal process to cash out your funds in a prompt matter. We will be happy to hear from you in about 6months to a year, time the we expect to be big enough to afford your activity and continue the good relationship the we have had.

I wonder if im eligible for 5dimes...Too bad PH, your support and cashout system was top of the line

While no one thinks this tendency will spread, it is still a bad news for the industry. Whether they like it or not, at a certain point they must let players play!

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