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Casino junkets revisitedDimanche, 4 mai 2014

Casino junkets are generally a well kept secret, a much too often unknown option for players travelling to play in the best places in the world to play in different casinos; this is especially true for Québec players. The way it works is pretty simple: in return for some action he/she would have provided anyway, the player is invited to take part in a VIP trip to the best casinos, either for free or for a very small amount. Anyone considering going to a casino to play should take advantage of this kind of royal treatment. For most players anyway, they will gamble more than what the junket operator requires. In a word, in exchange for something he or she already wants to put on a table, the player will save tremendously on travel, accommodation and meals, plus receive all the luxury that comes with it.

In Quebec, a company stands out in this field as much for its varied offer and professionalism as for the variety of services available. Whether you want to experience a junket experience in Atlantic City, a guys trip to Las Vegas, family vacations in the Caribbean islands, in Nassau at the Atlantis, or on a cruise ship, the D&M Casino Group is the only address you need. For instance, this month the company offers a trip to the exciting city of New Orleans, for a 5 day-4nights adventure at Harrah's New Orleans Hotel and Casino.

The D&M experience goes a lot further than just a free trip. The company's customers enjoy the ultimate VIP service. Limo transport, private chartered plane, a 99 seat leaving from the Trudeau Airport, access to luxury hotels...all this for a fraction of what you would pay should you try and put this together yourself.

Open to most everyone traveling to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or other destinations, this different approach brings more than just a VIP service. Nothing is more fun than to leave with your husband/wife, best friend, and make new acquaintances on this private flight, discovering more people that share the same enthusiasm about casinos; being able to rely on a host/hostess whose only task is making you feel special, catering to your special needs, bridging the gap between you and the casino when you need it. Whether it's free gourmet meals, show tickets, an upgrade on your room, everything is geared up for your pleasure. Goal number one: make sure you get even more than you could ask for.

Once you have decided to book a trip, whether by yourself or as part of a group organized trip, all you have to do is call or send an email and D & M will take care of your whole trip. Because yes, a junket can be organized for just yourself, or you and a small group of friends. You can rely on them for limo, flights, casino credit, shows, concerts or sports event tickets, and many more. Your junket host will discuss with you what you can expect, but air should be part of it and free. This is truly one of the best offers for recreational players.

You are accustomed to get a poker room rate for your room? prepare yourself for a shock when you discover the power of a junket organizer.

If you want to find more about junkets and live the D & M experience, all you need to do is contact them through their web site. There you'll find out more about their next destinations and dates.

About D & M Casino Services

Everything started with the founder Morty Oberman, a living legend who started this company in 1989. For the last 25 years, Morty and his partner Danielle Charland have been the only ones to organize junkets from Montreal for gamblers and fans of casino games all around the world. The team is now headed by the dynamic partnership of Morty Oberman, Danielle Charland and Felicia Charland, a family story that brings you over 50 years of experience in this field. If you are a player and want to be treated as a VIP and enjoy the benefits of a junket, contact D & M Casino Services and discover a new way to travel and play.

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