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PartyPoker introduces "Relax" tablesMercredi, 7 mai 2014

The many innovative ideas trying to preserve poker's ecosystem have made the headlines in the past few years. How can an online poker room sell its product to newcomers and recreational players, while keeping the regulars happy? After putting an end to segregated tables after a trial period of only a few months, PartyPoker now presents us its new project. Today, the room introduces "Relax" tables for real money players. These tables will be available to players who only play one table at a time.

The idea is simple: a player sitting on a relax table will not be allowed to open other real money tables. Of course, a player already multi tabling will not be allowed to sit at a relax table. Since most winning regular players play multiple tables at once, no one expects them to change their plan. Hence, the relax tables should be easier and more fun for recreational players.

These tables will be first tested on certain specific limits to start with but this should extend to all real money tables very soon.

PartyPoker also intends to address the problem of "camping", which means sit at a large number of tables at once but with their status being "absent" until a weak player sits down. This method should be out of service in the next software update. At that point, a new "on" and "off" button will appear for multi tablers. When the button will be at on, the decision of sitting out at one table will be applied to every table the player sits at. The same way, a player returning to one table will automatically return to every table.

If a player chooses to put his button at off, he will be able to come back to his tables individually, but will be expelled from that table if he does not come back inside 15 seconds. Repeated absence will also earn the player an ejection from the table.

New players on PartyPoker benefit from a generous sign-up bonus of 100%, up to $500. Take advantage of this offer by using this download link.

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