Why use our PrinceofPoker's links to download?

In order to understand why it's important to use PrinceofPoker's links to download, you must understand how the affiliation system works in the world of online poker.

The different poker rooms listed on PrinceofPoker.com are presented for free. In other words, poker sites don't pay for the visibility they gain on our site. However, when a player clicks on a banner on PrinceofPoker.com to register with a poker room, this room rewards us with a commission.

For the player, this doesn't hurt, on the contrary! The commission given to PrinceofPoker.com comes completely from the room and nothing is taken from the player's bonuses or in any other way. Thus, instead of giving 100% of the profit to the room, you merely allow them to redistribute a smallish part of it to PrinceofPoker.com. Furthermore, when an online poker room doesn't have to work for a player's adhesion because he simply logged on to their site, it doesn't have to reward him much...and that's what usually happens! The new player receives a smaller sign-in bonus than what he would receive going through a site like PrinceofPoker.

For PrinceofPoker.com on the other hand, these commissions are crucial in order to survive. They are used to:

  • Pay for web hosting and domain name
  • Develop our web site to allow it to evolve and adapt to newer needs and technologies
  • Develop tools that are useful to players right here on the site
  • Develop the most complete strategy content on the web
  • Allow us to furnish exclusive daily content
  • Allow the PrinceofPoker.com team to negotiate the best deals, offers, and events for the community with our partners
  • Allow us to have members of our team at your disposal, listening to you and offering a personalized service

For example, since acquiring PrincePoker in 2008, we have been able to organize hundreds of special tournaments while helping many other. How? Simple. By asking the rooms to give us rewards and monies for special tournaments. Since 2009, a few dozen players have won WSOP packages. Many of these packages went to members/visitors of PrinceofPoker.com but some were earned by simple poker players who did not even know what PrinceofPoker was.

In the same fashion, we received and redistributed hundreds if not thousands of gifts, like laptops, IPods, etc. plus tens of thousands of dollars given in online tournaments for our members and visitors. The Inter University Championship is a great example of this!

By clicking on our link, here on PrinceofPoker.com, you give back to your community. You allow a site like PrinceofPoker.com to live and grow.

We thank all the players who make sure they use our links presented on PrinceofPoker.com. Doing this, you help the whole Canadian poker scene.

The PrinceofPoker.com team

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