Stategies for poker players of all levels

Are You a Poker Player from the Past?

Poker has evolved quicker during the last ten years than during all its history until today. The popularity and the accessibility of the game having multiplied tenfold, the evolution of the strategic approach has made giants steps as well.

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Reclaiming American Gambling Taxes

How can you get a tax return for the 30%  paid on your gambling win amount in the United States?

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The Luck Factor and Poker

Is luck a more important factor than talent in poker? 

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What Poker can Teach you in Business

For the vast majority of players, poker is primarily a source of entertainment. We gather around a table with friends, as you would in a bar, restaurant or cinema. Yet for the most serious, learning poker leads to the development of a winning strategy, allowing the best to eventually stand out from their opponents.

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The Seven Qualities of a Good Poker Player

A strategy article by the Quebec poker pro, Olivier "latinsnake" Racine

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Common Rookie Mistakes in Poker- Part 1

Poker, specially in its no limit forms, can rapidly become cruel. A good session for a few hours and then BOOM ! 

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PartyPoker introduces "Relax" tables

Camping to also be banned soon

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A time clock at the WPT events?

According to Mike Sexton, it's almost a done deal

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Small ball 2.0 according to Daniel Negreanu

Interesting view from the world's best player

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Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre wins WSOPC Main Event

He adds a ring to his bracelet in 2013!

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