Stategies for poker players of all levels

Are You a Poker Player from the Past?

Poker has evolved quicker during the last ten years than during all its history until today. The popularity and the accessibility of the game having multiplied tenfold, the evolution of the strategic approach has made giants steps as well.

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Locating the Fish at the Online Poker Table

A strategy article by the Quebec poker pro, Olivier "latinsnake" Racine

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These Bad Tight and Agressive Poker Players!

Lets take a look at the leaks from TAG players in order to better exploit them.

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The Gap Concept in Poker

The gap concept is another essential theory in the ABC of poker. It was first presented by the famous David Sklansky and introduces a simple but powerful idea

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Selling the "Other" Bluff

Using trickery is essential in poker. Usually when we talk about it, we refer to someone representing a much stronger hand than the one he has. It's the typical bluff...

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Fold Equity

If you have a hand with which you are ready to call a bet, it is generally better to bet yourself. 

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Long Term in Poker

Poker constantly shows you a face that is not his. 

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Value Bets

a value bet is one that you make, usually at the river but not always, when you believe you have the best hand

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Sklansky Bucks

What are Sklansky bucks and how to calculate them?

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