Stategies for poker players of all levels

The Luck Factor and Poker

Is luck a more important factor than talent in poker? 

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What Poker can Teach you in Business

For the vast majority of players, poker is primarily a source of entertainment. We gather around a table with friends, as you would in a bar, restaurant or cinema. Yet for the most serious, learning poker leads to the development of a winning strategy, allowing the best to eventually stand out from their opponents.

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The Seven Qualities of a Good Poker Player

A strategy article by the Quebec poker pro, Olivier "latinsnake" Racine

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My Lazy Friend Sam

We are not shoe salesmen 

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Vanessa Rousso to host free poker seminar

The talented player will be at VIP Poker Room this Sunday

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Similarities Between Poker and Sex!

Everyone thinks he is better than he really is!

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Detect Tilt Before it Owns You!

Your computer screen has just made a twelve-floor fall and your mouse remains on the floor, lifeless, turned into much more pieces its use allows. Without any doubt, you have just been the victim of a new tilt crisis...

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Why is Poker Good for You?

Learn about the skills that poker will help you develop 

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What Story are you Selling?

Winning at poker is essentially being able to fool your opponents better than they fool you. 

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The Psychology of Tilt

What brings tilt? What is it made of? Why is it so insidious?

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