Stategies for poker players of all levels

Free Poker Money

The competition is fierce between online poker rooms and, in an effort to try and get you to discover and enjoy their room, many of them give away free money to new players, no deposit required. 

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Hire Your Personal Poker Coach!

Hire a poker teacher to bring your game to the next level

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Detect Tilt Before it Owns You!

Your computer screen has just made a twelve-floor fall and your mouse remains on the floor, lifeless, turned into much more pieces its use allows. Without any doubt, you have just been the victim of a new tilt crisis...

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Why is Poker Good for You?

Learn about the skills that poker will help you develop 

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Locating the Fish at the Online Poker Table

A strategy article by the Quebec poker pro, Olivier "latinsnake" Racine

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What Story are you Selling?

Winning at poker is essentially being able to fool your opponents better than they fool you. 

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These Bad Tight and Agressive Poker Players!

Lets take a look at the leaks from TAG players in order to better exploit them.

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The Gap Concept in Poker

The gap concept is another essential theory in the ABC of poker. It was first presented by the famous David Sklansky and introduces a simple but powerful idea

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Selling the "Other" Bluff

Using trickery is essential in poker. Usually when we talk about it, we refer to someone representing a much stronger hand than the one he has. It's the typical bluff...

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The Psychology of Tilt

What brings tilt? What is it made of? Why is it so insidious?

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