Stategies for poker players of all levels

The Poker Player that you don't Want to be

He comes towards you full speed ahead and bursts your peaceful comfy cocoon. He is grinning from ear to ear, he has already spotted you as his next victim... 

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Fold Equity

If you have a hand with which you are ready to call a bet, it is generally better to bet yourself. 

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When All Goes Bad

In poker as in anything else, there are good runs and bad runs. 

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Time for a Change

A serious player who plays a lot sometimes needs to take a break from it.

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Long Term in Poker

Poker constantly shows you a face that is not his. 

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Value Bets

a value bet is one that you make, usually at the river but not always, when you believe you have the best hand

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Sklansky Bucks

What are Sklansky bucks and how to calculate them?

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A Pro's Other Challenges

A strategy article by the Quebec poker pro, Olivier "latinsnake" Racine

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Implied Odds and how to Evaluate Them

Last month’s article explained the concept of pot odds. We learned how to calculate them and most important, how to apply them in game situations.  

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Calculating Poker Odds the Easy Way

Being able to figure out pot odds is essential in order to make decisions that have a positive expected value when you play a hand. Pot odds represent the mathematical basic reasonning hiding behind poker.

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