Strategy / Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre wins WSOPC Main Event

Charles-Alexandre Sylvestre wins WSOPC Main EventSamedi, 23 novembre 2013

"YESSSS!!!!! A nice ring to go with my WSOP bracelet" was the first reaction from the winner after he was able to finish the demolition of his opponents and win the most coveted ring in this first ever WSOP Circuit stop in Québec, at the Lac Leamy casino. After his great performance this summer, the Espacejeux sponsored player started the last day ahead of the remaining field and never slowed down. A scintillating performance from someone who's rapidly becoming one of the Province's top players on the tour.

"After my unexpected bracelet this summer, to be able to come back here at Lac Leamy, at home, and win the ring...I couldn't ask for more. The feeling is unbelievable." commented the winner. About this first WSOPC stop at Lac Leamy, he adds: " (The tournament) was nice and well organized. For a first event in the province of Québec, it was perfect. All in all, it was a great success and a well managed stop."

The final day started with a rush from Mike Leah who doubled up early and caught on to Sylvestre. After a few hours, as the path to the final table was unfolding, the situation was becoming more and more obvious. Chuck as his poker buddies call him never slowed down, taking advantage of every occasion he had to increase his stack. After eliminating the first player on the final table, he had 2.1M of the 7.4M chips in play.

Leah lost the tempo for a while but was able to come back when he won a flip, with 55 vs AK for Pentefountas. This hand got him back into the top 5 but it didn't last. Soon after, His AK bit the dust against John Nelson's AA. He finished 5th and Nelson was closing in on Sylvestre, with Montréal's Dinara Khaziyeva third and Sol Bergren fourth.

Bergren was next out as Nelson beat him and took the chip lead. Dinara meanwhile thought she had found the right hand with pocket Tens but lost her flip against nelson's AQ when a A hit the river. Another great result for the Montréal lady who pockets 55 283$.

With these new found chips, Nelson was then first with a 2.5 to 1 chip edge, having 130bb vs. Sylvestre's 55.

It was not enough for Nelson! Chuck took a mere 30 minutes to overturn the tide. "I started the Heads-Up with about 30% of the chips but I knew a simple double up would give me the lead back. I found one, and found a way to finish the job. I'm really happy." said the winner after the ceremonies.

Sylvestre, sponsored by Espacejeux for this series, wins $122 435 for his victory. He adds this to his $491,360 he won at this summer's WSOP. Better known for his success in high stakes cash games, he can now also claim bragging rights on the North American circuit!

Congratulations Charles-Alexandre, first ever WSOPC champ in Québec!

1: Charles Sylvestre – $122,435
2: John Nelson – $75,656
3: Dinara Khaziyeva – $55,283
4: Sol Bergre – $41,047
5: Mike Leah – $30,953
6: Justin Dean – $23,690
7: Bryan Moon – $18,398
8: Adam Podstawka – $14,491
9: Ioannis Pentefountas – $11,575
10: Vladimir Faubert – $9,371

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